We've had 3 separate

  • Fernanda
    10/09/2014 a las 7:51 pm

    We’ve had 3 separate Cintiq 21UX units that we bohugt around 2009 develop a deep and cloudy scratch puddle’ in the middle of the screen where the stylus typically spends the most time. We’ve discussed repairs with Wacom, but the costs are absurdly high and involve protracted down-time that we can’t afford. The newer Cintiq units that we’ve bohugt in the last year have not yet developed the same problem (fingers crossed)I’m truly baffled that Wacom continues to be dominant in this market. Their display panels are terrible, their drivers are hopelessly buggy, and their service is spotty at best (and often just plain awful). Somebody *has* to be able to do a better job.

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