Intuos M Pen not working (6.3.38-3)

  • Lucas
    04/03/2020 a las 9:47 am


    Yesterday I updated the software of the Intuos M (Bluetooth) to the latest version (6.3.38-3) and gave me some problems:

    • The Wacom Desktop Center app tried to open but it took too many time and had to exit the app by force. (when the tablet was connected by Bluetooth)
    • The computer showed it was connected to the tablet (Bluetooth) and the tablet light was on blue nevertheless the pen did nothing.
    • Once I disconnected the Bluetooth and connected it by cable the tablet worked and the app opened correctly.

    I have tried:

    • To uninstall Wacom Desktop Center App and install it newly from the Wacom webpage.
    • Restart the laptop.
    • Forget the Bluetooth pairing and do it again.

    Nothing has worked yet, my concerns are on the update (6.3.38-3) having some issues with Bluetooth. Still I can’t use the tablet by Bluetooth, only by cable.

    Thank you very much in advance.

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